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Turnathons for Charities and Fun.

We contribute time, effort and projects to various charities.  If you're the kind of person that loves to both learn new skills and give some time back to the community, you will enjoy our club.

Mentoring / Weekend Workshops

Obtain personalized instruction via our "Weekend Workshop" program.  Our mentors love sharing the craft and happy to spend time with you to introduce you to a wide variety of woodturning methods. Active paid members can take various classes at other members homes ranging from 4 to 6 hours for a nominal fee.  

This is an excellent way to get "one on one"  instruction and learn specific areas of woodturning. Also a great way to meet our members to explore similar interests.

Learn to turn bowls, tops, spindle turnings as well as sharpening techniques. You can even get assistance learning how to set up you own remote video  demonstrations.

Once you become a member, you will get access to the Weekend Workshop schedule which runs from the spring to the fall.

 Besides the skills learned, its always fun to visit others workshops and see how the shops are equipped and organized.  Members also have a very interesting collection of wood art displayed in their homes.

Show and Tell's

Participation in "Show and Tell" happen at most meetings. This is where members bring in their latest project.   You will be impressed with the quality and creativity of the projects.  It's a fantastic way to become and inspired and motivated to increase your woodturning skills.

In 2018, we have having a "Project of the Month" challenge where a new project is assigned to be made for the next meeting.  The creativity of our members really shine during these events.  For the March meeting, members have been asked to make some type of mallet.

Discounted Sandpaper

Sandpaper is sold at discounted rates and members enjoy discounts with some woodturning e-retailers.

Sandpaper strips are now available from Maurice for $1 a 24" length.

Free Wood??

Members and others donate logs, misc wood and other cutoffs at most meetings.

We often have raffles for wood and tools members bring to the monthly meetings.


 Our members have a huge selection of lathes and lathe tools as well as very well equipped woodshops.   Join the club and ask around to find what you may be looking for.  Members are typically generous with their time to help you with your current project.


You get access to hundreds of books, tapes and videos. Sign them out and take them home for a month.

Earth Day and Family Fun Day - Essex County Enviromental Center (ECEC)

Participation in ECEC annual festival and Earth Day.  See our calendar for these and other events.

American Association Of Woodturners (AAW)

Our members are encouraged to join the AAW which offers a wealth of videos, books, magazines, seminars and annual meetings.

AAW website link

Benefits Chart
Benefits Chart