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Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month unless that day falls a holiday or if the meeting room is not available. 

Time: 7:00 PM 
Essex County Environmental Center

Garibaldi Hall Meeting room
621A Eagle Rock Avenue
Roseland, NJ 07068


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The table below shows the meeting schedule for 2023.   Due to the pandemic, our current schedule is not as formal as it's been in the past. Specifically, about 25 percent of the meetings are in-person.  Many of the meetings, however, are handled using the ZOOM computer application.  This is available on most any computer as well as tablets and cell phones.  If you have any specific questions, go to the "Contacts" page and email the President, Bob Amarant.

For Zoom meetings, Bob will send you a computer link, and you can log-in between 6:30 and 7 PM.