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Meeting - Oct 02

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 October 2002 Volume XIlV, Number 10 

Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month unless that day falls on a holiday or if the church has need of the meeting room. See the web site for the full year calendar and the bottom of this newsletter for the next meeting date.  

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October 2002 Meeting
President Isaac McDonald called the meeting to order at 7.00 pm and welcomed the +/- 58 members out of the full membership of 71. He also welcomed a number of visitors.

John Silberhorn had arranged to pick up from Michal Rosen?s place of work a whole collection of wood, which was rapidly taken by the grateful members. Well-done guys. 

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Demonstration ? Judy Ditmer

The President then turned the meeting over to the demonstrator Judy Ditmer.  Judy has been turning professionally since 1987. She makes everything from small finger tops to one-of-a-kind sculptural bowls and wall pieces. A staple of her work is a line of unique turned jewelry, which allows her to explore variations in shape, texture, color combinations and other aspects of design. She has published two books one on Turning Wooden Jewelry and another on Basic Bowl Turning. Her work is available in a number of galleries and collections.  

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Judy first had a slide show of some of her work and where she gets her creative ideas. Many of her inspirations come from nature especially the flowing curved of animals and the color patters of butterflies. She showed a lot of her earrings and how the different shapes had evolved over time. She also featured a lot of her bowls and stressed that the bottom of the bowl is equally as important as the top. She uses fairly wide rims on her bowls as that is the initial focal point of the eye and a wider rim can be very well decorated.

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Judy then swit

Little interesting tips which she provided were

-          She uses golfing gloves when she turns and the left one always were out very fast as it is the business end of most of the turning. The right glove can be turned inside out and then fits the left hand.

-          She no long uses CA glue for her earrings, as the glue gets very brittle over time and the pieces separate. She now uses a glue called EE6, which has a slow drying time. In order to clamp the items to be glued she used three small dots of CA glue around the EE6.

-          She has a right-angled tool rest, which allows for working on both surfaces of the wood.

-          She maintains her lathe very well by dismantling it every month and cleaning and waxing all the parts. She keeps her tool rest very smooth with sandpaper or a file.

-          Her main tool is a bowl gouge or spindle gouge, which she sharpens to a very fine concave tip.

-          She finishes all her earrings with lacquer, which she sprays on. The pieces are held in a specially designed jig.

-          She uses a permanent marker to highlight the edge of some of her pieces.

A really great meeting and enjoyed by all.      

For sale

INCA 710 3 wheel band saw ? 11/2 HP motor and about 9 blades. Never used $1500. Contact Arnold Weber 973 579 1492

Hegner Polymex Scroll Saw ? never used. Contact Arnold Weber 973 579 1492

Lathe for sale. Rockwell model 46-525 (late '60's vintage) variable speed cast iron lathe with 12" swing. New spindle, belts, bearings and a few other parts. 120V single phase 3/4 hp motor. Copies of the manuals and parts list (if I didn't loose them in the move). This is a variable speed (via dial), floor-standing model. Green paint was added by the school that this lathe came out of. The only thing that needs additional work is the speed control locking mechanism. Currently mounted to a plywood base filled with sand but can be easily removed. I can deliver, with help loading and unloading, within an hour's drive of the Bridgewater area at no additional charge. Asking $550 but I am negotiable. If interested, please contact Jim Spallin at 732-754-8501.

Next Meeting  

The next meeting will be held at the normal time at 7.30 pm November 25.

There will be a Super Show and Tell so bring along all the items, which you have been creating, and all the ones that got away.

During the general meeting there will be an election for the club officials for the next year.