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Meeting - Nov 02

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November 2002 Volume XIlV, Number 11 

Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month unless that day falls on a holiday or if the church has need of the meeting room. See the web site for the full year calendar and the bottom of this newsletter for the next meeting date.  

Deadline for submitting articles and classified ads for the next newsletter is January 11, 2002. Submit items to Dennis Fuge preferably via email woodturn@optonline.net or via "Snail Mail" to 4 Kingsbrook Court, Mendham, NJ 07945

November 2002 Meeting

President Isaac McDonald called the meeting to order at 7.45 pm and welcomed the +/- 28 members out of the full membership of 71. He also welcomed a number of visitors.

The club has received a $100 gift certificate from Craft Supplies and will raffle this off some time in the future.

Judy Ditmer proved to be very popular and there will be more demonstrators like that in the future.

The Summerset fair held at the Garden State Fair Grounds is coming up in January and Isaac will contact those members who put their names on the list.

There was no meeting in December and the next meeting will be in January.

Jon Silberhorn announced that he was selling fiber optic house to club members at a special discount. He also arranged for some had wood to be delivered and club members could obtain it with a small donation to the club.

Larry Gould mentioned that the club had been requested to talk and demonstrate at the Mount Olive High School on Monday December 16th.  Full report below.

Marty Gottlieb mentioned again that there is a shared shop in Kenilworth at $150 per month.

The treasurer gave his report and also announced that January was dues month and all members should see him.

The hand truck has gone AWOL and Isaac will contact Bob and see if it can be located.

John McLaughlin is recovering from an operation and the club wishes him well.

Palmer Sharpless has past away and the club sent its condolences to the family.

All the nametags that are used by the club are provided by one of the members and the club will grant him free membership as a token of appreciation.


Stan Lefkow ran the election of offices for the new year and a special vote of thanks was given to him.

The new officials are:

Dennis Fuge - President

John Schneider - Vice President

Bruce Long - Treasurer

Marty Gottlieb ? Secretary

A big vote of thanks was given to Isaac McDonald for his excellent work as president. It was noted that during his time in office the club membership grew from about 45 to 71. The club also got an internet presence and the average age of membership dropped by a number of years, showing that younger members where being attracted.

The clubs thanks also go to Stan & Rita Lefkow for their continued support with the library and Stan?s continued involvement in helping with the program and getting good demonstrators.

The club also thanks Jim Spallin for offering to take over the duties of web master.

Show and Tell

Isaac showed a vase that he had made from rings left over from other projects and topped with cherry, also a lidded box made of segments and a poplar rim.

Hitoshi showed some kitchen handles made from 3/16 inch stainless steel shafts. He encouraged members to use his company?s catalogs to get good deals.

Will showed three items, one was a spaulted maple bowl finished with lacquer, the a red cedar bowl and also a wormy maple bowl with all the dust blown out.

David (one of the clubs youngest members) showed two spindle shapes.

Eric showed a spindle shape with a captive ring.

Hal showed a tulip and also a vase shape. He also had one work in progress on his Shopsmith face plate.

Jim showed a maple bowl with tiger like stripes. The bowl was turned wet and finished with min wax tung oil.

Larry showed two small bowls made out of crab apple limb wood and then hand carved. He also offered the members bags of ball bearings for using on tops.

Stan showed a few spinning tops with letters done with a dentist drill. The were made out of walnut with maple dowels.

Jim showed a few items, one was a spaulted maple vase, one a goblet and then a cedar bowl finished with shellac cream and liquid wax

Mort showed four items, two figured maple bowls, one cherry bowl and two bowls made out of maple burl. These last two were finished differently, one with shellac and one with oil and the color difference was quite dramatic.

Tom showed a whole range of item. One ambrosia maple bowl that got away and he then used it to test his carving and finishing techniques on. He also had a number of potpourri lids with different shell shapes and carvings. On his boxes he hides the joins with burn marks. His Christmas ornaments take him about 1 hour 15 minutes to make. He is currently using the Sorby texturing toll quite a lot and then adding color with a magic marker.

Dennis showed some cheese boards with mice and knives.

Mount Olive School Training - article by Larry Gould

On December 16, 2002 a team of experienced wood turners from two AAW clubs visited Mount Olive High School in Flanders, NJ for an all-day demonstration. This is the first time we have been to a high school.  

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From NJ Woodturners, Dennis Fuge, Tom Gall, Larry Gould, Duke Hemmer and Isaac
McDonald attended; Walt Rissmeyer and Frank Bonner represented Atlantic Shore Woodturners.

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We set up two workbenches with samples of our work for Show-and-Tell, and as each class was admitted we allowed the students to examine, touch, and ask questions about the exhibit and us.  Then the teacher, Lou Sylvester, whose inquiry had set this day in motion, introduced us, and each turner showed his work and discussed it briefly. The four lathes in the room had been set up earlier and demonstrations were given at each in turn. Students were then invited to try their hand at roughing down or turning beads and coves. The bell usually surprised us and the next class came in.  

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There was a class each period during the morning. The school cafeteria brought in sandwiches, but I noticed some of the lathes were busy during lunch and during the one free period in the afternoon.

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Lou's purpose was to get his students interested in turning. The lathes had been underutilized for years and he hopes to teach turning to shop students in the future.  Everyone agrees this goal was met.  One young lady said, after turning the end of her stock round with my roughing gouge, "It's easier than it looks."

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For our part, we promised to back Lou up, suggest projects and answer questions. 

On the school's part, the Principal, said she sees no reason why a new AAW club cannot meet in the woodshop.  Thus, NJ Turners may 'spin off' another New Jersey club as we in turn were 'spun off' by Bucks County years ago.  

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2003 Calendar

January ? Monday 27 - From Log to Lathe and Creative Finishing ? Dennis Fuge

February ? Monday 24 - Show and Tell followed by Sharpening

March ? Monday 24 - Demonstrator

April ? Monday 28 - Show and Tell ? Vacuum Chucking ? Tom Gall

May ? Monday 26 - Segmented turning ? Bruce Long

June ? Monday 23 - Demonstrator

July ? Monday 28 - Demonstrator

August ? Monday 25 - Show and Tell followed by Auction

September ? Monday 22 - Demonstrator

October ? Monday 27 - Show and Tell followed by Stave Turning ? Isaac McDonald

November ? Monday 24 - Election followed by Turnathon

For sale

Lathe for sale. Rockwell model 46-525 (late '60's vintage) variable speed cast iron lathe with 12" swing. New spindle, belts, bearings and a few other parts. 120V single phase 3/4 hp motor. Copies of the manuals and parts list (if I didn't loose them in the move). This is a variable speed (via dial), floor-standing model. Green paint was added by the school that this lathe came out of. The only thing that needs additional work is the speed control locking mechanism. Currently mounted to a plywood base filled with sand but can be easily removed. I can deliver, with help loading and unloading, within an hour's drive of the Bridgewater area at no additional charge. Asking $550 but I am negotiable. If interested, please contact Jim Spallin at 732-754-8501.  

Summerset County Fair

A big thank you to all the members who helped at the Summerset County Fair on January 10, 11 and 12.

The participation was excellent and all had a great time. We had 47 people put their names down of the list to receive 3 free newsletters or become club members.

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All those who signed up for free news letter are welcome to come and see what we do and if they like what they see they can become members at $ 25 for the year. Hope to see all of you at one of our next meetings.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at the normal time at 7.30 pm January 27, 2003.

From Road Kill to Lathe and Creative Finishing ? Dennis Fuge

Dennis will show how to identify road kill (the tree kind), cut the logs, get it on to the lathe and turned in just over an hour. He will also cover some interesting texture and finishes. Dennis has been turning for over 35 years and lived on three continents. He is a highly creative turner who is well known for deep hollow vessels, hats and decorative platters. This is a must see demonstration for new and intermediate turners. Even the old timers can learn a few new tricks.   

Also remember that January is subs months so please see the treasurer.


On January 8, 2003 the board met to discuss the plans for the club. Below is the Vision, Mission and Goals that the club will be pursuing for the next few years. This document will be taken as read by the January meeting and comments/discussion welcomed at the meeting.




The New Jersey Woodturning Association will be the preeminent resource in New Jersey for the promotion of woodturning, the education of its members and public about the art and craft of woodturning. 

People will join and remain members of the New Jersey Woodturners club because: It is exceptionally friendly, a good place to meet and have fellowship with other turners. It will provide good training and teaching for turners of all levels, through an organized training program, well know demonstrators, high quality show and tell programs and a well-funded library. 


The club will be the most active in New Jersey and build its membership to 80 by the end of 2003 and will attract a regular meeting attendance of 45.  

2003 Goals

Must do


Participate in at least 3 fairs or shows - Champion Dennis Fuge.

Have at least 3 well-known demonstrators during 2003 and facilitate this through liaion with other East Coast Clubs and flexible meeting dates - Champion Stan Lefkow & Dennis Fuge.

Raise funds and buy a new lathe by the end of 2003 - Champion Bruce Long & John Schneider.

Set up a monthly auction/raffle/50/50 program to raise funds and benefit members - Champion Bruce Long & John Schneider.

Develop a hands on workshop to train members and raise funds - Champion Tom Gall.

Increase participation in Show and Tell through challenges, inclusion of all woodwork categories and free raffle tickets for teller - Champion Dennis Fuge.

Maintain an active and educational web site - Champion Jim Spallin.

May do

Write to the high schools and offer our services with a day of training/show and tell. ? Champion Larry Gould.

Set up an award system to encourage new turners i.e. most improved turner of the year, most creative item of the year, and most active participation in show and tell. ? Champion Dennis Fuge.