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Newsletter - Aug 03




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August 2003 Volume XIIVII, Number 08


Next Meeting: Monday, August 25, 2003 at 7.30 PM. See below or the web  site for the full year calendar.


Agenda:  The August meeting will start with a Show and Tell, so all members are encouraged to bring along their pieces, both the good and the bad, so that we can all learn from them. With the highly successful weekend workshops just finished we would like to see all the items that were turned during these workshop sessions.


Tom Gall will then spend the rest of the time talking about vacuum chucking. As most of you know Tom is one of our more experienced members and does a lot of his production turning using a vacuum chuck. The session should be very educational and a chance to learn this technique.


As mentioned at the last meeting there will also be a silent auction of some interesting old tools and the proceeds will go to the club funds. Items to be auctioned include:


1 - Shopsmith #131-2 (Older model will need work) Shopsmith parts, and misc. attachments.
1 - Wide flatbelt Mandrel
1 - Old electric Hand Drill
1 - Old electric Hand Jig Saw
1 - Hand Screw driver (Old Style)


Deadline for submitting articles and classified ads for the next newsletter is September 15, 2003. Submit items to Martin Gottlieb, preferably via email to martin.gottlieb@spcorp.com or via "snail mail" to 180 Tichenor Avenue, NJ  07079.

Summary of the July 2003 Meeting:


Bill Borkowski donated a Kodak carousel projector with extra lenses, so that future demonstrators can show slides of their work. Thank you, Bill.


Martin Mayer, a carver trained in Nuremberg, Germany and now living in the US, came to our meeting to show us a selection of his carvings. Very good work ? a real inspiration!




Our demonstrator was Bill Smith, whose work has emphasized open segmented turning. He has authored one book entitled "Segmented Wood Turning". Autographed copies of the book were for sale at the meeting.


Bill started with a discussion of laying out the segments, including a formula for calculating the dimensions and a chart to get these dimensions more quickly. Bill uses Titebond glue to put together the segments. He demonstrated a jig he uses to obtain the right spacing. Bill uses an index wheel made of plexiglass to control position on the lathe. He hand assembles the segments, then sets the assembly aside to dry overnight before turning on his lathe. He sands with sandpaper held in tension, finishes with Deft and does final sanding with strips of a brown paper bag. An excellent demonstration by a fine craftsman.






Special appointments:

Jim Spallin will maintain the club?s web site.

Dennis Fuge and Stan Lefkow will organize demonstrations.

Larry Gould will manage the school training program.

Issac McDonald will arrange refreshments.

Stan and Rita Lefkow will manage the library.

Tom Gall will manage Training and Workshops.


2003 Calendar:

August ? Monday 25 - Show and Tell followed by Auction

September ? Monday 22 - Demonstrator

October ? Monday 27 - Show and Tell  followed by Stave Turning ? Isaac McDonald

November ? Monday 24 - Election followed by Turnathon



For sale:

Lathe for sale. Rockwell model 46-525 (late '60's vintage) variable speed cast iron lathe with 12" swing. New spindle, belts, bearings and a few other parts. 120V single phase 3/4 hp motor. Copies of the manuals and parts list (if I didn't loose them in the move). This is a variable speed (via dial), floor-standing model. Green paint was added by the school that this lathe came out of. Currently mounted to a plywood base filled with sand but can be easily removed. I can deliver, with help loading and unloading, within an hour's drive of the Bridgewater area at no additional charge. Asking $550 but I am negotiable. If interested, please contact Jim Spallin at 908-722-3992.


Books For Sale - duplicates of others I have. All in great condition and priced at 50% or more off the retail price. Turning Wood with Richard Raffan - soft cover, 165p $8.00 ($19.95 retail).

Understanding Wood Finishing - How to Select and Apply the Right Finish by Bob Flexner - soft cover, 310p. Autographed by the author himself. $7.00 ($14.95 retail).

Understanding Wood - A craftsman's guide to wood technology by R. Bruce Hoadley - hardcover, 256p. $15 ($34.95 retail). Call Jim Spallin 908-722-3992 evenings or weekends or e-mail me at latheguy@optonline.net. I can bring the books to the next meeting to save on postage costs.
If you have the Nichol's boring bar I would appreciate the opportunity to see it in person, and maybe in action. Please call Jim Spallin at 908-722-3992 if you can help me out.


Martin Gottlieb has an older Delta 12? lathe for sale. Price: $250. A nice, sturdy basic lathe with a newer motor for a beginner. Also a 14? Delta bandsaw in very good condition. Price $500. If interested, please contact Martin at 973-763-3026.


Tablesaw Dust Guard and Extractor. $100 Carter bandsaw bearing kit. For Jet 18? bandsaw. $100. Mort Olin. 973-992-1162

Directions To the Meeting



Date:  March 24, 2003      

Time: 7:30 PM    

Place: Trinity Reformed Church

401 Greenbrook Rd.

North Plainfield, NJ

(908) 756-2125   

Directions: From East

Take Rt.22 East

to West End Ave.

Take Jug handle to cross Rt.22.

The church is at the first light on the right side. Park in back.

From West:

Take Rt.22 West to West End Ave. Turn right at the light. The church is at the first light on the right.  Park in back.