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January 22th - Next Mtg

Demonstrating for us will be Mike Abberly
whose "Basket Illusion" turnings
were such a hit at the last two club meetings. 


Election Results:

Congrats to Bob Amarant, our new President and

Steve Antonucci, our new Vice President.


This Year's Schedule  (click image)


New used equipment: Mort Olin.   Link

Used equipment: Bruce Long.   Link

New Woodworking: Maurice Cohen.   Link

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Welcome to the web site for the New Jersey Woodturners association. Please enjoy your visit and feel free to contact us or come and visit us at one of our monthly meetings.  Click "Meeting" in the header above for directions.  

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 Meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month.
The complete schedule is in the Newsletter.
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 Latest Newsletter

See photos from members and the latest club information

Used Equipment, etc.

Brand New Page:

New Listings from Bruce Long.     *** NEW ***


General Info

If you have any tools, wood, books or magazines that you no longer are using, please consider donating them to the club for our monthly raffle. Proceeds go to the club treasury which supports paying for our professional demonstrators and someone in the club gets to use your unwanted item for a new purpose. A win-win for all!

Bob Amarant has suggested that in addition to bringing tops for our "Top Top" contest each month, we should try a club challenge to generate more turning excitement. For this month, Bob suggested we get creative and make a lathe turned "carver's mallet" an example of which can be seen being made in this short YouTube video: http://youtu.be/kV1jKCKoPAo

Reminder: Duke Hemmer who is coordinating the exhibit at the West Orange JCC told me that this exhibit has been POSTPONED UNTIL 2016, so if you already have pieces, great, but keep them home (or bring to "Show and Tell"). If you are working on a piece, also great, just bring it for a "Show and Tell" at the next club meeting. If you haven't started yet, relax, you now have a full year to create something spectacular!

Just to reiterate, the JCC exhibit has been postponed into 2016. Don't bring in any pieces for this unless they are just for our club "Show and Tell" purposes.

Another Reminder: Dues for 2016 are due January 1st.
Please bring your check for $30 to the meeting.  Family dues are $40.
If you can't make the meeting, please mail your check to our Treasurer.

Check out the new woodworking photos (Jan-2016) from Maurice Cohen

Check out the new woodworking photos (Apr-2016) from Jim Beckwith

Join AAW - Membership Info

Experience the remarkable world of woodturning with the American Association of Woodturners (AAW).
With the largest portfolio of woodturning-related material in the world, AAW is the go-to source for woodturners of all skill levels. A membership with the AAW can help you learn and thrive in your woodturning experience, as well as connect with others who share your passion.

Celtic Knots

Resource Material
from our June 2014
meeting with
Sharon Doughtie

Check out our June
newsletter too.
Burning Demo

Resource List

Knots from the Far Side

Round Celtic Knots

Square Celtic Knots


Future Symposium Project

Above are the latest details about a new Symposium that Gil discussed at the May 2014 meeting.
Click on the above paragraph (image) to see the full PDF text file.

Top     Ongoing Charity Projects     Top

Rules     Stick Pens
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Remembering Last Year's - 4th Annual Turners Exchange

Color Wheel     Event Title: “A Splash of Color”      Color Wheel

• Here are the RULES from last november:

YOUR CHOICE of form (bowl, plate, box, vase, etc.) with maximum diameter or height of - 8”. At least ONE coloring embellishment. This can be a minimal area or cover the entire piece. Some enhancements include: painting (acrylic, oil, water color, spray, latex, etc.), dyeing (analine, metallic, leather, etc.), ink (India Ink, permanent markers, Prismacolor® pens, etc.), leafing (gold, metallic, etc.) or whatever else you can come up with!

This should be a lot of fun for everyone involved! Your “masterpiece” should be boxed and wrapped – anonymously! After all participants have opened their “gifts” the makers will then talk about their pieces ~ (think “Show and Tell”).


Past Mtg: April 22, 2013

Steve at the Lathe

Steve Antonucci gives presentation on Bowl Turning

Club Information

The purpose of the NJW is to promote woodturning education of the membership and the general public and to generate a broader understanding of woodturning as an art form.

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Turnings from Our Members

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Technical and Learning

Ron Brown's Pearls   Cracked Vase

Ron Brown’s Pearls (Turners Reference Guide). Here's enough woodturning information to fill a book but it's been reduced to a single page.

 Permission provided by Wayne Sutter of Woodline USA.


Here's the cracked wood
link that Gil mentioned
at the January meeting.

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