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Hitoshi Tanaka (2009...)

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Wood:   Cherry
Dimensions: 9" dia x 6" tall
Turned: 2013
Wood:   Oak
Dimensions: 8" dia x 5" tall
Finishing: Turned: 2013
Wood:  Cherry
Dimensions: 3.5" dia x 8" tall
Turned: 2013
HITOSHI 1.jpg Wood:   Hickory
Finishing: Natural stain, clear polycrylic outside. Blue and Silver Acrylic inside.
Dimensions: 5" dia x 8" tall
Turned: 2008
HITOSHI 3.jpg Wood:   Mahogany
Dimensions: 9" dia x 10.25" tall
Finishing: Black paint and clear polycrylic. Beall Polishing System.
Turned: 2008
HITOSHI 6.jpg Wood:  Cherry
Dimensions: 8.5" dia x 4" tall
Finishing: White paint, Red dye and clear polycrylic
Turned: 2008
HITOSHI 7.jpg Wood: Cherry
Dimensions: 4.75" dia x 12" tall
Finishing: Beall Polishing System
Turned: 2008
HITOSHI 8.jpg Wood:  Cherry
Dimensions: 11" dia x 5" tall
Finishing: Beall Polishing System. Fruits motif - wood burning tool.
Turned: 2009
HITOSHI 9.jpg Wood:   Hickory (Holly Finial)
Dimensions: 4.5" dia x 9.5" tall
Finishing: Natural stain and Beall Polishing System
Turned: 200
HITOSHI 10.jpg